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My 3 Favourite Editing Apps

Editing apps are a brilliant way to quickly enhance and take your food photographs to the next level. Here’s a breakdown of my top 3 editing apps:



VSCO is my favourite app for fast presets and to give your IG feed a consistent palette.

Good Things…

  1. Beautiful pre-sets

  2. Great for giving your feed a consistent palette or theme

  3. It’s a freemium app - free to download and use the basic presets and then a free 7 day trial of the full package.

  4. Saves you time by allowing you to create your own pre-sets

  5. It has video colouring presets so you can apply a pre-set to your video footage!!

  6. Also includes basic editing tools like contrast, saturation and grain.

Watch out for:

  1. It’s a freemium app - some of my favourite pre-sets like A6 and C4 you’ll need to pay the annual $19.99 VSCO membership which gives you access to 130+ VSCO Presets plus additional editing tools.




Lightroom gives you the most freedom when editing, it lets you spot heal and selective edit with a great result but takes longer to learn how to use.

Good Things…

  1. The camera within Lightroom allows you to switch to PRO function to change shutter speed, ISO, white balance, select your focus and gives you guides to help you with composition and perspective.

  2. The camera also let’s you shoot in RAW for better quality editing and higher resolution files!!

  3. If you use Lightroom on your laptop, it will sync all your files across devices.

  4. The manual tools to edit your images are extensive: white balance, exposure, contrast

  5. It allows you to spot edit and heal images - you can remove things you don’t want in the shot!

  6. You can use the brush tool to selectively edit sections of an image.

Watch out for:

  1. A paid Adobe CC subscription is needed to get the most out of the functionalities.

  2. It’s a little more complex to use in comparison to the user friendly format of apps like VSCO or Snapseed.




The most versatile editing app out of the three. Good filters and quick to learn how to manual edit (includes the selective brush tool for specific edits). This is the app I use most frequently.

Good Things…

  1. It’s free!

  2. A very user-friendly, intuitive and self explanatory app.

  3. You have the option to use filters or manually edit your files.

  4. The manual tools to edit your images are extensive: You can rotate and crop, fix perspective, adjust white balance, make selective edits, add a vignette alongside all the standard editing functionalities.

  5. When you hold your finger down on the image you are editing it flips back and fourth between before and after so you can see your progress.

  6. It allows you to save a copy or edit the original file so you can keep hold of both if you like.

Watch out for:

  1. Honestly, not much! It’s an awesome app and it’s free. I use this to edit most images on my phone unless I just want to apply a basic filter I use VSCO or if I want to heal an image (remove something) I use Lightroom.

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