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Meet the Team

Meet Milly

This is Milly

| Photographer & Styling Assistant

Milly is my awesome photography assistant/stylist & second shooter. She has an incredible eye for composition and her work has a beautiful organic aesthetic using natural daylight to capture emotion in her food and lifestyle photography. Milly is a photography graduate from Falmouth uni and loves nothing more than drinking matcha lattes from her Keepcup….


This is Lewis…

| Videographer & Film maker

Lewis is an artist… Calling him a videographer just doesn’t make the cut. His work has the ability to transport you into the moment he’s captured with a sense of authenticity and visceral emotion. That’s what makes his work so unique. Lewis and I work on projects together that require both stills and video.


This is Charlotte…

| Digital Marketing & copy writer

Charlotte specialises in digital marketing, social media accounts and copy writing within the restaurant and travel industry.

Charlotte S

This is also Charlotte…

Potrait & Wedding Photographer

Charlotte has just joined the team… Welcome to Charlotte!


Behind the Scenes on a Studio Shoot


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